Meet-O-Matic version 4 bringing better mobile support and privacy

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Some of you may have noticed a few changes in Meet-O-Matic, and that’s because we have now launched version 4.1. It doesn’t sound like much, but we’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning, and there area whole new set of features and changes that we’d like to share.

Mobile friendly

First and foremost, we’ve completely reworked the whole front end for people responding to invites, to make the experience better, especially for those using devices with smaller screens. We have a lot more ideas to make the experience still better for everyone, and these will be coming very soon.

Improved privacy

Along with many sites, we used to use Google Analytics and other tools, partly to help improve what worked for our customers, and partly to monitor for issues, such as denial-of-services attacks. However, now we are aligned with Turalt, we wanted to pur privacy first-and-foremost, so we have now entirely dropped all third-party cookies and tracking. We do still use a private monitoring system, but as of now, every single piece of data from the site is now controlled entirely by us, and this is our new policy going forwards.

Again, there will be more coming soon to help with privacy. In particular, in a few months we will start to use accounts more, even for free users. This will make it easier for you to manage your own data, even if you are using our free service.

Improved email notifications

The email notifications are continuing to get better. We’ve been using a transactional email service to improve deliverability and appearance for our messages. We still get occasional issues with emails going astray, both for people organizing meetings and responding to them.

First, in the Settings page, you can now set alternate email addresses. If you are organizing a meeting, all notifications get CC’ed to these addresses. Handy if you need to keep someone in the loop, as well as to

But this is just the start. Very soon, we’ll be notifying organizers of email bounces and contact updates, directly through the meeting pages.

Thank you for sticking with us. We want to make Meet-O-Matic better for everyone, while still preserving the vision that Marc and I had when we started on this journey.

Drop me an email at if you have questions about Turalt products and services, or if you have any suggestions to improve what we’re working on at Meet-O-Matic.

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