Meet-O-Matic version 4 bringing better mobile support and privacy

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Meet-O-Matic guides


Getting started — A quick start guide to using Meet-O-Matic

Multi-user accounts — A guide to Meet-O-Matic’s multiple user accounts

Clock mode — How to use clock mode

Appointment mode – How to use appointment mode


Scheduling a basic meeting — 1 minute video especially for new users

Tips & Tricks — 1 minute video about making Meet-O-Matic even easier!

Clock Mode 1 – Setting meeting times quickly with Meet-O-Matic Pro

Clock Mode 2 – How to set repeating time slots with Meet-O-Matic Pro

VIP function – For when someone absolutely has to be at your meeting

All videos — Meet-O-Matic’s channel on YouTube

MeetOMatic is the World's Simplest Meeting Scheduler!

It has been around since 1998, and continues to provide the quickest way to schedule meetings, appointments and interviews.

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