Meet-O-Matic and Turalt: a brand new future

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Meet-O-Matic is one of the products I am most proud of building, and when, earlier this year, I had the chance to step back in and take a more direct lead running the service, it was too good an opportunity to let pass.

So now, with my co-founder and the team at Turalt, a privacy-first company that helps people be more emotionally intelligent and empathic in their business email communication, we’re teaming up to bring many improvements to Meet-O-Matic. Some aren’t immediately visible, like privacy and security enhancements and a new billing system with more self-management for Pro users going forward.

But we are also building in brand new features, and actively working on the long-overdue mobile-friendly interface for the whole service, which will be making an appearance in the coming months.

We’re excited by this opportunity, and we hope you are too. We want to make Meet-O-Matic better for everyone, while still preserving the vision that Marc and I had when we started on this journey.

Drop me an email at if you have questions about Turalt products and services, or if you have any suggestions to improve what we’re working on at Meet-O-Matic.

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