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Stories from the field – Scuba Scheduling

We recently received the following story from Jim Gregory, a long time user of MeetOMatic (10 years!), about how MeetOMatic has helped him with varying scheduling requirements over the years.
I started using it when I worked for a large corporation that had several subsidiaries and didn’t have networked appointment management system for all of them. My internal partners loved it. I also used it to reach out set up meetings with investment management clients with far flung families.

Now, I wear several hats and have no central network for any of them. I set up meetings for volunteer efforts that I organize. I also design websites for Non-Profits that get together for web site useage training.

Most often, as a scuba instructor, I use MeetOMatic to sort out the best time for training sessions. I teach private classes for small groups and customize the scheduling rather than insisting everyone show up when it’s most convenient for me. When I have 5 or 6 students with all of their conflicting time demands MeetOMatic is invaluable.

We love hearing stories like this, and always find it fascinating to hear the non-traditional uses people have for a scheduling tool. Not every meeting takes place in a boardroom!

If you’ve got a story to share with our users then send it in! Every story that gets published will receive a free upgrade to MeetOMatic Pro.

Many thanks to Jim Gregory at CustomScubaInstruction.com for sending in his story.