Help Articles and Videos


Getting Started — A quick start guide to using MeetOMatic

Multi-User accounts — A guide to MeetOMatic’s multiple user accounts

Clock Mode — How to use clock mode

Appointment Mode – How to use appointment mode


Scheduling a basic meeting — 1 minute video especially for new users

Tips & Tricks — 1 minute video about making MeetOMatic even easier!

Clock Mode 1 – Setting meeting times quickly with MeetOMatic Pro

Clock Mode 2 – How to set repeating time slots with MeetOMatic Pro

VIP function – For when someone absolutely has to be at your meeting

All videos — MeetOMatic’s channel on YouTube


2 thoughts on “Help Articles and Videos

    1. Hi Darlene, many thanks for your question and for using Meetomatic. Changing is easy: as soon as you Submit your availability, you automatically get sent a confirmation message and a private URL that is exactly for this purpose. If you didn’t get such an email, it’s possible that you need to check your other folders or that you mis-typed your email address when you filled in the form. In any event, the meeting organiser can change your responses for you if you let them know what you want to change, or indeed they can trigger a fresh notification of the URL directly to you by clicking on the ‘mailbox’ icon that is displayed next to your email address when they look at the ‘Responses’ matrix of results for the meetings.

      I hope that helps. Please get back in touch if we can help in any other way – best method is via our Contact page.

      -Marc on behalf of the Meetomatic Team

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