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Choosing VIP Attendees – Video

A short video showing how to choose those attendees who absolutely must be at your meeting:


Appointment Mode – Guide

Updated with new functionality!

MeetOMatic Pro allows you to schedule appointments using the same MeetOMatic interface that you’re used to. It allows respondents (‘invitees’) to choose only ONE date or time slot, and secondly once such a slot is chosen, that chosen slot is then disabled for other respondents, thus preventing double-bookings.

Appointment mode is perfect for hotels, driving instructors, salons and doctor’s surgeries! Here’s a quick how to guide to get you started:

Step 1: Go to and login (top right)

Step 2: Click ‘Appointment Mode’ above the ‘Go’ buttonappointmentguide1

Step 3: Click the clock icon


Step 4: Click ‘add time’ on your chosen day and choose your time then click ‘done’. Repeat for other days as necessary. If you have regular time slots, you can add these under the “settings” menu at the top of the page, making them your default time slots. This makes setting up repeat schedules extremely fast.

In this example we’ve tried to simulate how it might be used for a driving instructor – 1hr time slots, with a 15 minute break/transport time in between each one. We set up the default times on our ‘settings’ page, which means that simply by clicking the day name, the month name, or the “>” at the side of the calendar we can add times for multiple days very fast.


Step 5: Click “Go”

Step 6 (new): Appointment mode now allows you to allow a set number of responses to your meeting. The default setting is 1, but you can choose between 1 to 10, and unlimited responses. If you are arranging interviews you may just want to only allow one response, but if you are using it to book driving lessons, then you may want to allow your students to book multiple slots.

Just choose the number from the dropdown menu and send out your link!


Multi-User accounts – Guide

Multiple user accounts are new to MeetOMatic this year. They allow your organisation to have multiple MeetOMatic accounts at a discounted rate. This is perfect for businesses who want a meeting scheduler that doesn’t cost the earth and allows all of their employees to schedule their meetings in the simplest way possible!

The multi-user accounts are managed by a single ‘super-user’ has overall control over the account. This user is responsible for payment and inviting their colleagues to use MeetOMatic.

To get a multi-user account:

Step 1. Simply choose the number of users you require from the drop-down menu on the sign up page.

super user 2

Step 2. Enter your details and proceed through to the payment page.

Step 3. Once your payment has been processed (usually instant), you’ll receive an email with an activation code. This email can either be forwarded directly onto your colleagues, or you can copy and paste the link from the email to send to them. This link will enable them to sign up for MeetOMatic Pro at no additional cost, as part of your organisation’s account.

Once logged in, you’ll also find these activation details under “Manage Group” in the top right of the page. From here you’ll be able to see your subscription key, as well as who has signed up, and the meetings that have been scheduled.

super user 1

Interested? Sign up here!  

Clock Mode – Guide

MeetOMatic Pro allows you to quickly and easily find specific times to meet. We’ll show you how here:

Step 1: Go to (duh) and login (top right)
Clock mode 1

Step 2: Click the clock icon
Clock mode 2

Step 3: Click ‘add time’ on your chosen day and choose your time then click ‘done’. Repeat for other days as necessary
Clock mode 3

If you have meetings at a regular time, then you can add default times in your user settings. This enables you to quickly schedule meeting which happen at the same time each week, such as book groups, team meetings etc…

You can also quickly select multiple dates by clicking on either the day name, the month name, or the “>” at the side of the calendar.

Step 4: Click ‘Go!’ and invite your participants

It’s that simple!


MeetOMatic – A quick start guide

Setting up a meeting with MeetOMatic really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Select the dates/times that you want your participants to choose from, then click “Go!”

Select your dates

2. You’ll receive a link that you can forward onto your chosen respondents. They’ll be directed to a response form to select what times they are available


3. When everyone has responded, MeetOMatic will ‘rank’ the responses to show you which date is the most suitable for your meeting. You then let each participant know which date is the most suitable! You can choose “VIP” participants if some absolutely has to be there, and if you’re organising a really large event, you can export the responses to Excel, CSV or ICS formats for easy integration with your calendar!



It’s as simple as that!

Check out our quick start video also: