Monthly Archives: November 2014

Coming soon, the all-new MeetOMatic!

The end of 2014 is bringing some radical changes to MeetOMatic that we’re really excited to tell you about!

We believe that simplicity is key for a meeting scheduler, it’s what we’re all about and is what makes using MeetOMatic quicker than other schedulers.

Over the years we’ve strived to retain this ease-of-use that our users love. However, we’re sure you’ll agree that MeetOMatic could do with a refresh.

What are we so excited about?

We’ve been working hard to figure out how to bring MeetOMatic up to date, while adding some brilliant new features without compromising on the simplicity that we’re known for.

This re-design will be only our third iteration since launch way back in ’98, and it’s going to be the most radical to date. This blog should give you a little teaser of the new look; we’ll be announcing the full details very soon. In the meantime, why not follow us on Twitter for regular tips and updates (and even special offers when we go live)!

We can’t wait to share it with you.

-Leo, on behalf of the MeetOMatic Team


Time Is King

In a 2013 article in the McKinsey Quarterly, entitled ‘Making time management the organization’s priority‘,  authors Frankki Bevins and Aaron De Smet surveyed 1500 executive leaders around the globe, and found that only 9% considered themselves ‘very satisfied’ with their time management.

Of those who deemed themselves effective time managers, 85 percent reported that they received strong support in scheduling and allocating time. Only 7 percent of ineffective time allocators said the same.

This is a remarkable insight – particularly when you consider how much time is wasted company-wide in the scheduling of meetings (we’ll address this is an subsequent posting).  This may seem obvious to you, but managers need to get a grip!

Are you an effective time manager?  If so, what’s your technique?  If not, what are you wasting time on?